South Florida's Best Property Management Company

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Crest

10. Don't Worry, Be Happy, or Your Money Back!
We are so confident in our abilities and experience as efficient property managers that we offer clients a written money-back guarantee. We want you to be happy and satisfied and if you aren't, please let us know.

9. There's no "I" in Team, but there is a Team in Crest!
In addition to an expert property manager, you will have a support staff available at Crest Management to make your life easier. We operate under an open-door policy. We are always available for a visit or a phone call. You will see us driving and walking through your community so that we can fix problems before you are even aware that they exist.

8. We Work for You… Not the Vendors
We do not have a financial interest in any of the vendors, service providers, or contractors that we will recommend for use in your community. We are there to serve your community, and we have no outside interests. We will assist you in selecting the right contractors, but you do not have to select anyone you are not comfortable and happy with.

7. We Believe in an Open Door, and Open Communication
When calling Crest Management Group, one can expect to first speak with a friendly and helpful receptionist. After gathering some basic information, the receptionist will determine the proper route for the call: bookkeeping, sales/lease department, maintenance, property manager, etc. Each call is handled in a professional and courteous manner. If a return call is required or requested, that call will be returned within the same business day. All homeowner service calls will receive a follow-up call the next day from our customer service liaison to ascertain if the resident is satisfied with the service requested.

6. We Don't Just Have Experience , We are Experts
Our president, vice president, and principal property managers have a combined 85 years of management experience. We use our vast experience and knowledge to help you make the decisions that guarantee your community's physical and financial success.

5. We Are Smooth Operators
Through the years, we have found ways to allow Crest Management Group to assist in the smooth transition of associations from any kind of management they may be under. Crest Management Group is so proficient in transitioning financials, data, and other information pertinent to your association; we will be completely ready to serve you even before our contract begins.

4. Salt (and Pepper) of the Earth
We believe in kindness, honesty, integrity, happiness, and success. We manage our associations with respect and the knowledge that you care deeply about your homes. Because we know you care, we care too. We want to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

3. We are One Trick Ponies (This is a good thing!)
Our focus is property management. We want to manage your community. We do not want to sell you on other services, because the only thing we are invested in is your happiness and your community's success.

2. We Are You And You Are We
Crest Management Group has been locally owned and operated since the beginning. We are not run by a large corporation. If we are lucky enough to meet you, you can expect us to know your name. Our philosophy is hands-on and open-door to ensure your happiness and success. We are your neighbors, and we want to be your association management company too!

And the number 1 reason to choose Crest is...
1. We are GOOD at what we do! This Makes Your Life Easier
Our experienced and highly-qualified professional and CAM licensed managers and support staff work very hard to make sure your association is in great physical and financial shape.

Our CAM licensed managers supervise vendors, contractors, review bids and service agreements.
They work with the board to make sure they are up to date on projects, problems, and resolutions. Our accounting and bookkeeping team maintain accurate financial information and also remain in contact with the treasurer, board, and homeowners, ensuring a financially healthy association.

Our support staff of receptionists, assistants, customer service representatives, and clerical employees makes sure that your calls are properly routed and answered. You will always be met with a happy face when you come to see us at Crest Management Group.

We operate under an open door policy in all aspects of our business. Our President and Vice President will always be happy to meet and speak with a homeowner or board member.
We emphasize effective communication between all members of an association and all members of the Crest Management Group family.

We are constantly updating our services and website to reflect the newest and most current ways to communicate with our homeowners.
Our staff is also qualified to interview all prospective buyers and tenants.
We can also work hand in hand with the board or committees in ARC modifications.
The managers will always be available to meet in person so they may resolve any resident issues.
We are a very flexible team and your satisfaction is our number one priority.