Get To Talkin…

At Crest Management Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with the homeowners. Every single homeowner, no matter how big or how small your association is, will be updated on the news and events in your community. We have the ability to send mass mailings, mass emails, and phone blasts through Constant Contact to keep homeowners ?in the know? for events, news, or even a hurricane preparation situation. We also offer communities the option of having their own newsletter (electronic and/or print) sent to each homeowner. Additionally, we offer each association the option of having its own facebook and/or twitter account to keep homeowners informed. On our website we offer an individual homeowner log-in. We feel that informed homeowners are happy homeowners. We want you to be informed so that you can make the best decisions for your community and your home. We want you to rest easy knowing that things are being taken care of.

We operate under an open-door policy. If you visit Crest, you will find our vice president and president?s offices right up front. They want to get to know each and every homeowner personally, so that they can best address the needs of your community. We believe in personal interaction and relationships. We believe in handshakes and hugs instead of nods and nudges.


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